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I surfed on to an article by a Prof Roger Wotton about the subject of if angels and fairies can really fly. Mr.Wotton missed some important points or just flat dismissed and omitted them…  Sooo I felt that the need to post my 2¢ about it and set the record straight from my own my point of view…

Be forewarned, you’re in for a long rambling, repetitive, opinionated, badly written, confusing post… lol or something like that.  So, either click the back button or read on…

media article–> Angels can’t fly, scientist says
Angels depicted heralding the birth of Jesus in nativity scenes across the world are anatomically flawed, according to a scientist who claims they  would never be able to fly.
Prof Roger Wotton apparently took it upon himself to study pictures of angels and fairies and a few other sources and then come to the conclusion that they can’t fly.

I don’t know if Mr. Wotton is up on current events, but to some folks, like me, who are believers, we understand the wings are more for the benefit of our human comprehension and aren’t necessarily the source of aerodynamics behind their abilities of flight.

To me, Angel wings are more like a visual reference for heavenly message or help or whatever.
In the case of fairies it could be the wings are there because they love to imitate nature or some of them may really have wings.
But for sure, According to ‘Faeries by Brian Froud’ and a bunch of other folks, some like me, believe that when fairies ‘appear to someone’ it is to ‘give them’ something else to think about…  and a flying winged being would definitely do that. 😉

I personally believe that with visual wings or not that angels can and do fly…  and that goes for the fae folk as well.
Angels fly under the power of God
Fairies fly under the power of the spirit of nature
Personally, I believe that Angels and Fairies existence and abilities to fly isn’t reliant on human’s belief.  I believe they ‘are what they are’ even without humans believing or acknowledging them.

Mr. Wotton apparently takes the pictorial artist representations as facts behind the source and chose to use the comparison of humans, birds and insects with angels and fairies.  Apparently their weight is one of the reasons sited for his belief that they can’t fly.
How can one compare the weight of a human or animal species with mystical or spiritual beings?  Most of the time, weight of an angel or a fairy is never mentioned in accounts of encounters or sightings and when it is they’re usually quite the feather-weights.

Mr. Wotton also should have took into account that it is generally believed and observed by some that both beings can go from invisible to solid or big to little, due to their etheric or spiritual make-up. Their transformational abilities is one of the aspects of a lot of the reports of angels, fae and nature folk encounters and stories. Therefore, they must have  control over their body’s make-up and weight.

I haven’t researched much about angels, but I have researched nature folks and if there is any comparison between the two for flight, then the study of weight can’t be done by comparing them with humans or known species of animals or insects.
Mr. Wotton should have read up on sightings and encounters with angels and nature folks and took his weight and body make-up guesstimate from those sources.

In the book ‘Gnomes by Wil Huygen &  Rien Poortvliet, the heaviest gnomes weigh only 300 grams,  and in the book ‘Little People by Ron Quinn’ in the story of ‘Big Bob and the Little Man’, the little man had no weight. Bob could feel his body, but weight was missing.
Both of these stories were about little men that didn’t have wings, so I personally will presume, if terrain-walkers have little weight then a naturally flying winged being would have a body-build and weight conducive to it’s abilities too.

I’m not saying that angels and fairies don’t have weight, I think it’s possible that a spiritual or mystical being could make themselves have weight even a crushing weight.  In one story about the Bell Witch, she made herself so heavy that a man couldn’t tote her a short distance before he dropped her.  I think the Bell Witch was either an Elemental or a demon, but I don’t believe she was an angry ghost.


I have no idea why Mr. Wotton chose to put so much effort in an article about fairies and angels not being able to fly.
But if he honestly believes the wing-to-weight or body-build-to-wings is the defining factors, then he needs to take a couple months and research further on the  transformational abilities generally associated with angels and fairies.

In my opinion, Mr. Wotton’s not researching out the weight, size and transformational abilities, utilizing the thousands of encounters with angels and fairies that have been reported for centuries along with using the artists and religious renditions, doesn’t say much for his seriousness in the research or sincerity as a scientist.