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If’n leetle-peeps ain’t yor forte’ then perhaps somethin’ a heap bigger might strike yor fancy. Yep, I’m talkin’ ’bout Giants. Big buggers running amok across the world. They’re clever critters too, they can hide almost as efficiently as the leetle-peeps and cover they’re tracks of existence almost as well too.  Some  folks believe there’s evidence that, in the fossil record and even now, a huge hominid walks in stealth in various regions of the Earth. They’re bigger than Bigfoot and rarely seen.

Giants On Earth article by Mark A Hall and Loren Coleman discusses the aspects and possibilities of the elusive big species.

Giants On Earth is a really long in-depth article, so before you click to go read it, grab a snack, a tasty beverage and settle in a comfy chair because you’re going to be there awhile. Also, you might want to adjust your browser’s font size because for some ridiculous reason they chose a dinky font that is hard on the eyes.  I suspect they chose that font trying to make the article look less long and arduous… if that was the case,  it didn’t work.

If you can make it through the tiring font and the extensive length, you may agree that Giants On Earth has some intriguing and curious points to consider and speculate on the possibilities.