Here’s a bit of fun I surfed across on an interesting blog called ‘Ghosts and Ghouls’. I hope you’ll go visit & read the interesting and mysterious articles on ghost hunting and spooky places.
Thanks Ghosts & Ghouls for posting this article. 🙂

Ghosts and Ghouls

nevermore toys legendary monsters

Here’s a press release I received that might interest all the monster lovers out there…

February 10, 2013 (New Freedom, PA) – Nevermore Toys is excited to announce “Legendary Monsters,” a new line of figures based on creatures from popular urban legends. The announcement accompanies a new Kickstarter campaign, offering special incentives for its supporters.

Nevermore Toys is headed by R. Todd Broadwater, Owner and Design Director of the studio. Broadwater has more than 13 years experience in the toy and game industry, recently lending his talents to such titles as XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Fallout 3 and Oblivion.

“Our experiences with the unknown live on and are still a part of the curiosity and wonder that exist within us today,” says Broadwater. “It is my pleasure to share these stories with children and adults in the form of these collectible toys.”

Broadwater has spent a number of…

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