In the rugged mountain ranges that rise up from the fertile river plains of the Macleay and Clarence valleys on the north coast of New South Wales, a short, hairy creature the local Aborigines called Jerrawerra was once said to live.

In a letter to The Clarence and Richmond Examiner of Grafton on 31 July 1880, a correspondent familiar with the area and the local Aborigines wrote of the Jerrawerra, a creature apparently similar to the Yowie, with one distinct difference, the Jerrawerra stood only four feet high.

jerrawerra“This animal they called ‘Jerrawerra’ and described it as a biped; about the size of a small [Aboriginal woman], walking erect and using its hands and arms as a human being. It was very rarely seen and they did not care about going near its haunts … They further described the ‘Jerrawerra’ as living in caves, and as ready to attack them…

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