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I read a neat blog post that contains a few accounts of modern sightings and encounters of nature folks here in the USA.  I was so impressed how the blog-writer reported the stories in a mostly respectful manner.  It was also nice to read accounts that I haven’t ever read before.  The info and personal stories are so rarely reported now-a-days that it’s mostly tough to find reports that isn’t just a rehash of older ones.

With reports of modern sightings and encounters it really makes me wonder how some folks can still be so adamant against the possibility of tiny peoples living just beyond our sight.

Don’t let the first account turn you away, keep reading because the rest of the  accounts are quite different and intriguing.

Read about John who encounter a little man when out collecting firewood.  The little man’s odd behavior upset John so much, that he wouldn’t go anywhere without his wife with him.  His wife began to wonder why he wanted her with him, finally he told her.  She was a quarter Cherokee and with the help of some of her family they resolved the little man situation.

Read about Betsy who encountered a little red man.  Even though the little man seemed to be harmless, a minister was beckoned to expell him from the home.

and there is also other sighting stories and thoughts about gnomes and little people.

Land of the Roamin’ Gnomes: Southern “Little People” and Gnomes Abroad

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