Creatures and critters of the Appalachia – 3 links to articles with pictures/art


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I stumbled on a series of 3 articles published in 2020 about some of the legends and lore of beings and creatures roaming about the Appalachia. You can imagine there’s few large footed legends, but there’s also mentions of nature folks, odd critters and some dreadful creatures too.

Beings and Creatures of the Appalachia Part 1
Cherokee Little People, or, Nûñnë’hï, or Yûñwï Tsunsdi’ – There’s a photo of a Little Person standing on a table beside Billy Washington, Choctaw ‘doctor’ that wasn’t seen by the photographer when he took the photo.
Flatwoods Monster
Ohio Grassman
Hillbilly Beast
Kentucky Goblins

Creatures and critters of the Appalachia Part 2
Kentucky Hellhound
Pennsylvania White Big Foot
Pitty Pat
Pope Lick Monster
Skunk Ape
Black Dog

Creatures and critters of the Appalachia Part 3
Tennessee Wildman
Virginia Devil Monkey
Yahoo – A 10 feet tall hairy giant that Daniel Boone said he killed.
Briefly mentioned in this last article:
Loveland Frog
Raystown Ray
Teedy Monster

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