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Monster Spotter’s Guide to North America by Scott Francis
(illustrated by Ben Patrick)

Font type is okay
Comprehension is average
several sketches scattered throughout

Hundreds of monsters listed by region. Some monsters of Canada and Mexico are included too.
A description of each and their characteristics and mannerisms are listed, including a brief blurb about the sightings.
There’s hairy monsters, flying monsters, ocean, lake and river monsters, folklore monsters, ufo related monsters, reptilian humanoids and phantom animals.
Here’s a small portion of the vast amount of listings: dover demon, jersey devil, sasquatch, hopkinsville goblins, squonk, skunk ape, the enfield horror, piasa bird, jackalope, hoop snake, akhlut, gumberoo, mannegishi, el chupacabra, giant catfish, devil monkeys and so many dozens more.

One can easily get lost in reading the listings of the huge variety of animals.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in learning about the curious and many times scary cryptid wildlife.