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Real Fairies by David Tame

True Accounts of Meetings with Nature Spirits

comprehension level is average
font type is good
quite a few sketches

23 stories from people’s personal encounters with real fairies & nature folks.

Here’s a bit about a few of the fascinating stories:

The famous & talented artist Brian Froud rediscovered that he was surrounded by life and had/has encounters with nature spirits.

A clergyman’s widow had a foot injury that was healed by a tiny green man.

As a child, many nights, Maggie O’Neill would see hundreds of little men marching across her bed.

Mr. Tame tells of Findhorn near Northern Scotland and the nature spirits that helped produce massive vegetables.
He tells of Tanis Helliwell spending a Summer with the Leprechauns in a cottage in Ireland.

The stories are interesting and inspires speculations as to who or what may be near us just right outside our comprehension until a curious event opens our eyes to see them.