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A Complete Guide To Faeries & Magical Beings by Cassandra Eason

The type face is easy to read.
Comprehension level is average
No Pictures!

I think, they should have used a different description in their title other than ‘Complete Guide’, sure enough it has oodles of listings and information, but I dare say it’s not a complete guide, especially in the area of Native American nature folks.

It gives reference to the country or culture that the beings lore originates from.  Some of the descriptions and information are really good and yet some are sketchy at best.  (I think it would have been nice if the book had given a general size for each of the beings and also had a few sketches for visual reference.)

It’s new agey and has spells and things in it. It covers a lot of area, but does have it short comings. If you don’t already have a basic understanding of the faerie faith, you may find some parts of this book somewhat off-putting.

In my opinion, this book doesn’t live up to it’s title, but it’s an okay book as an extra reference source on the spiritual aspects of the fairy faith and also info on many fae and mystical beings.