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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Leprechauns by Danny Gallagher


If you get a few minutes go check this article out, there’s some interesting info on the leprechaun legends.

The only one of the 10 in the list that bugs me is the one about the ‘no female leprechauns’.  Mr. Gallagher quoted  from the book  ‘A History of Irish Fairies’ .  In my own words, it roughly said, that there’s no females leprechauns because leprechauns were the offspring of fairies that were looked upon as undesirable because of their physical appearance…
(Imo that still doesn’t explain why they think there’s no females. Surely there would have been female undesirables born as well…)
Regardless of the truth to the legend about them being undesirable fairy offspring, it still could go well with and could help explain the legend that leprechauns live in caves and the females rarely come out for fear of being harmed.

My favorite part of the article is about this interesting video about Pub owner P.J. O’Hare who rescued bones and clothing from a well where a he heard a scream. The clothes and bones are now on display at the pub.  Mr. Gallagher’s title for this number 4 entry is “The earliest leprechaun legend is only 20 years old“.   (I think it needs to retitled as the “Most recent dedicated leprechaun legend”)

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