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An interesting story with mentions a few Native American legendary beings of Olympic Peninsula: Moss Woman, Seatco, Stick People, Nan-a-push.
I’m not familiar with them, but think they’re of interest for research or curiosity.

Scribbles to Compositions

mosswoman photo taken by a shaken Callie Cobb

The Native American Indians of Olympic Peninsula did not like to go deep within the rain-forest valleys. There were many things roaming the dark woods, like Seatco (spelling is questionable but pronounced Sea-ahck-toe or something close to that,) who is known as Bigfoot in other places. Scary little people lived along river banks. They would throw sticks at the tribal members canoeing the waterways to get them to turn back, and these creatures were called Stick People.  Perhaps the Stick People were cousins to the Nan-a-push, the little people of the forest. There were Thunderbirds too—huge birds that could move massive boulders and create thunder eggs.

But, perhaps the scariest legend of all, and one I have yet to hear told by the Salish people, is the Legend of the Moss Woman. In other parts of North America and even around the world in…

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