‘Homo floresiensis’ is the name given to the fossils found of a small human on the island of Flores in Indonesia.s. They’re also referred as Hobbits. They’ve found what they feel are bones from at 9 individuals that existed between 38,000 and 13,000 years ago. The Hobbits walked upright and used tools. They stood about 3 feet tall.

There is much debate if the tiny humans were a separate species or a tribe of people afflicted with a genetic disease. In deed, there’s been reports and studies to prove an argument in either direction.

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One of the curious aspects of the find of the hobbits is that there’s a legend of a little people among the Nage people of Flores that they call the Ebu Gogo.

Ebu Gogo was a human-like creature (or race of creatures) that reportedly lived on the island of Flores as recent as several hundred years ago. Apparently they had the look of a cross between a human and a monkey and their bodies were covered with hair. If the legend is close to right, then the Ebu Gogo had skills for communication because they interacted with the local village in a manner that would require an understanding of such.

I think that the legend of the ‘Ebu Gogo’ is based on the interaction between ‘villagers on the island of Flores’ and a tribe of ‘H. floresiensis’.

The Ebu Gogo was a tiny people that lived in a cave high upon a cliff. They caused much anxiety to the villagers who lived below due to their thievery and other less than neighborly activity.

The villagers had many difficult situations and encounters with the Ebu Gogo. They grew weary of it when the Ebu Gogo stole one of their babies. They plotted and killed the Ebu Gogo by giving them clothing soaked in cooking fuel & burning them to death in their cave.

Amazing enough, no one entered the cave after that, one man tried but fell to his death. No one ever tried again because they believe the cave is cursed.

Pretty much the only difference other than the existence dates is that according to the story in the article, the Ebu Gogo didn’t use eating-utensils (the H. floresiensis fossils were found with artifacts of tools). But it’s possible that the Ebu Gogo were just being deliberately rude. Is it also possible that a supposed intelligent species would use tools and not use eating utensils? mmm could be…

It’s an interesting & sad tale.
Here’s a link to the article with the story about the ‘Ebu Gogo’:
‘When Did ‘Hobbit’ Humans Die Out? Not So Long Ago, Villagers Say’

more info – Wiki Link–> Ebu Gogo


Here’s my thinking. I don’t know why someone hasn’t pursued this story further. The H. floresiensis fossils and the Ebu Gogo legend coincide with each other in the local legends of the area. Even though the dates are a few thousand years apart, there’s a good chance the caves are still there. (Unless a landslide took them or something.) The Ebu Gogo is one of the possible little people legends that might could be proven to be true.

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It occurs to me that the elusive ‘they’ spend billions of dollars to try to prove the ancient existence of life in outer-space in the form of ga-billion year old fossilized microbes. It’s my opinion that ‘they’ could spend a smidgen of the money on following up on some of the legends like Ebu Gogo and they may find actual existence of an ancient wee life-form here on earth. ‘Their’ logic really doesn’t make much sense to me.


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