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The Killmoulis is considered to be one of the brownie type nature folk. Next to their short height, the most obvious physical characteristic is that they’re face is mostly composed of one big massive nose. They have no mouth and cannot speak. It’s believed they eat by inhaling or stuffing food up their nose. They’ve been called ugly and grotesque, but I think to another Killmoullis they would be quite handsome or beautiful.

In legends they hang out in mills and help the millers. I think that in our modern times or here in the USA, with the milling of grain gone to commercialized industry, it’s possible they dwell in farming areas on an understated level helping farmers with the aspects of produce and/or grains and general aspects of farming. They also been reported as having a banshee type aspect to them in a sort of helpful way of announcing illness or misfortune about their farmer families.

Apparently, they tend to become quite the prankster when idle or bored. One of the reported pranks in legends is they blow ashes on the shelled oats that have been spread out to dry. I’m also guessing the blame for prankings would be of the nature of when something in the farm or mill jammed up, broke or just didn’t go right. There’s an incantation that you can try to summon the killmoulis and stop his prankish behavior. You can read it & other info here–> EarthFae- Killmoulis