Nagumwasuck, Mannegishi, Gahonga,  Kowi Anukasha,
Geow-lud-mo-sis-eg, Menehune, Gan, Nimerigar, Aluxes

Here’s several different tidbits of basic info on various Legends of Little People of the Americas & Hawaii.
I’ve provided reference links & book titles if anyone wishes to read further information on any or all of them.


Their size varied according to source:
Monster Spotter’s Guide to North America by Scott Francis they were listed as being approximately 7 inches tall
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Fairies by Anna Franklin list them as being about 3 feet tall.

The small beings have almost no hair, a pointy nose and beady eyes.
They’re shy and very self conscious about their appearance and do not like to be laughed at.  (both book describe them as ugly)

The MSG book reports their diet as small game, fish, nuts & berries.

The Nagumwasuck little people were friends of the Passamaquoddy Indians of Maine and Nova Scotia. Helpful to travelers who are fishing or hunting.
These were a peaceful elusive little people who would mourn with song the loss of a tribe member or celebrate special tribe events with dance.

They apparently are extinct now or have left the earth. Legend has it when people stopped believing in them they paddled away in a stone canoe.

Monster Spotter’s Guide to North America by Scott Francis
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Fairies by Anna Franklin

further reading: Nagumwasuck


Mannegishi (with mention of the Gahonga)

The Mannegishi were reported as 3 to 4 feet tall,  hairless, gray, big heads on spindley bodies with no nose.
These little trickster are from Cree legends of Eastern Canada.

The Mannegishi were dangerous little trickster and hung out around the rivers and tipped canoes of people over in rapids to drown.

(The Iroquois of Massachusetts have a familiar legendary creature they call Gahonga. )

According to the MSG & the wiki article there has been a crypto connection with the Mannegishi and the Dover Demon sightings.

Monster Spotter’s Guide to North America by Scott Francis
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Fairies by Anna Franklin

further reading:
Mannegishi wiki with a connection of the Dover Demon sightings


Kowi Anukasha or Forest Dwellers

Little People of the Choctaw
They’re about two or three feet tall
They test boys to see if he will be a killer or a doctor
If he passes the test to be a doctor the spirits will teach him the secrets of healing.

further reading: Little People of the Choctaw

Little People, sprites, & other- wiki link–>Choctaw Mythology


Geow-lud-mo-sis-eg – Maliseet, Wolastoqiyik Little People

Healers, pranksters, may be an omen of good or bad,
further reading:
Little People Geow-lud-mo-sis-eg


Gan, Apache Little People

I have a couple of books that gives short descriptions of the
Gan, but no stories about them.

A Complete Guide To Faeries & Magical Beings by Cassandra Eason
The Gan are described as Mountain spirits of the Apache Nation. They are invoked with rituals of song & dance for safe journeys & good weather.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Faeries by Anna Franklin
The Gan are described as Apache fairies of South-western North America.  They guard the mountains and may assist, if asked, to drive away evil spirits or bring good fortune.


The Apache Little People

I found mention of Apache Little People in a book online on Google called ‘Apache Gold by Joseph A. Altsheler’.

It’s about two people who find beehive like holes scooped out of the rock side of a cliff. The holes weren’t very deep, but suitable for living by cliff dweller standards.

further reading:  ‘Apache Gold by Joseph A. Altsheler’


Nimerigar  –  Shoshone Little People

Apparently these tiny beings would war with the Shoshone tribes attacking them with tiny bows and poisoned arrows.

further reading: Nimerigar


Aluxes, Aluxoob – Mayan Little People

Aluxes, Alux, Aluxe, or in Maya, aluxoob are small beings like children.
They’re pranksters that are energetic, playful and happy.
They’re easy to upset and anger.
It’s believed that it’s best to stay on their good side because if you make them mad they can get quite evil.
They’re shapeshifters and present themselves to humans as various different kinds of animals.

Further reading: The Mysterious Aluxe of the Mayan Jungle


Menehune – Hawaii Little People

According to the ‘Menehune of Hawaii’ website,
The menehune range in size from about 6inches up to 2 feet tall. They
enjoy dancing, singing, cliff diving, archery and are mischievous, fast
master builders, have great strength, they work only at night so as not
to be observed. They shoot arrows into angry people’s hearts to make
them feel love.  They have the ability to turn people to stone.

It’s speculated that they were the descendants of the first
settlers of Hawaii from Marquesas. Others speculate that the Menehune
were made up so the common people wouldn’t get the credit for
constructing things.

further reading: Menehune of Hawaii

more info, wiki link–> Menehune
There’s a lot of info on the wiki page, but I wanted post this bit of trivia:

“Their favorite food is the mai’a (banana), but they also like fish.”


Here a bit of further info from the book: The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Faeries by Anna Franklin
The Menehune are tiny beings with long black hair down to their knees to cover their nakedness and pointed ears.

They are afraid of Owls because when they’ve been too mischievous the Owl god has the Owls to drive them back into the forest.

When the Polynesians arrived in Hawaii they discovered dams, fishponds and temples built by the Menehune.
Some of the female Menehunes married humans, but they didn’t know how to cook or make fire because they had only ate raw vegetables their whole life.

Descendants of the Menehune-human parentage are able to call on the services of the menehune.

The menehune may act like house-fairies and prepare feasts for weddings and things while humans sleep.

There’s more specific info in the book, these are a short version of certain traits & aspects.


There’s other Native American tales stories online. Here’s a link to a website with a wealth of info.

First People Of America and Canada
use their ’search’ using the words: little people

There’s a plethora of stories and legends on this website from many different tribes.