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Most folks are aware there are some basic cautions and warnings in dealing with the fae, nature folk and elementals.
This post isn’t about any of them. This is about another danger that’s rarely spoke of and I think it’s just as important as the familiar ones.
~This is my experience of discovering the possible danger… (and just my opinion.)

A few years ago there was a viral video about a gnome terrorizing an Argentina town. I surfed out & read many paranormal forums across the net about them. I didn’t think it was a real gnome and pretty much that was the general consensus.

Because of that gnome video, I discovered there was a frightening dark side to this genre that I hadn’t realized before.

There was a lot of people that aggressively insisted the witnesses who filmed the gnome, should have tackled and captured the gnome… or drop-kicked-him… (There was alot of ugly suggestions, but I’ll leave it at this because I’m sure you get the general idea.)
~The mentality of some of the people on the forums sent me from zero to anger in a heartbeat! What if the gnome was a child or a little adult in costume? Maybe they were lost or hurt or just going for a walk.
I posted this question on one forum and received chastising replies about my being too serious and I needed to lighten up.
~It really upset me. I told them that someone might take them seriously and act upon their suggestions and they might find themselves in court being considered as accessories to assault, kidnapping or worse…
I tried to explain to them that it isn’t like encountering a possible strong bodied bigfoot because there’s not many 7 or 8 ft hairy costumed people wandering around, but it’s almost a given that a child could dress up as an elf, fae or gnome and go strolling about.
~Fortunately, that pretty much stopped the assault and/or capture discussion…

Some time thereafter another video came out about  a duende (gnome like character).  I didn’t think it was real but was amazed at the same irresponsible responses from the same people I had encountered in the first gnome video. I discovered that my concerns hadn’t made a dent in their aggression to encourage people to cause harm to a small  humanoid being.
~Once again, on the forums, across the net, the mobs grabbed their proverbial pitch-forks & torches & ran screaming, “Get him!”
~It was the same people spouting the same immature blather. It was absolutely ridiculous, but this last time around, I didn’t even bother to comment on how irresponsible they were being.  Almost Every forum was the same… and I visited more then a few…

I realize alot of folks go on the internet and release tensions or show their alter egos that they can’t or wouldn’t dare to show offline. I further realize that alot of folks are just young or having fun or skeptics wanting a capture for proof mystical beings exist.
~I believe most folks takes comments on forums with a grain of salt, but there might be that one person who might take negative suggestions serious & act out on them and bring harm to someone.

Or maybe I’m wrong… This is just my opinion, of course, you’re welcome to disagree with me.
I’m just an old worry-wart who believes in ’safety first’ and ‘one should respect the rights of others regardless of their size, dress or physical aspects (spiritual or biological)’.

I’d love to hear your opinions on the ’safety issue’ or any other thoughts you may share.