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The President’s Vampire: Strange-but-True Tales of the United States of America by Robert Damon Schneck

8 bizarre tales of bizarre people and bizarre events.

font type is good
comprehension level is average
a few photos & sketches of people, locations and pedro mountain mummy

This was a strange written book. In some of the stories it’s curious how Mr. Schneck argues both sides against the middles and even invents a few sides to argue that you didn’t even realize could exist.

A few of the snippets in non-specific order:

*The Presidents Vampire: A murderer who’s modus operandi was vampirism.  He was sentenced to death.  President Andrew Johnson commuted his sentence to life in prison at hard labor.

*The God Machine: In 1853: A group of people have such a strong faith in technology they attempt to build a New Messiah of wood and metal under the guidance of spirits.

*One Little Indian: The 6 inch sitting mummy found by a couple of miners in a sealed cavern in the Wyoming Pedro Mountains.
I particularly found his theories surrounding the ‘Pedro Mountain Mummy’ quite intriguing and real probabilities to ponder. If, in fact his information is correct, then this book is a definite should read for anyone interested in that particular little people mystery.  It does give one ’cause to pause’, yet it doesn’t answer all the questions.

The entire book was an interesting read, it had some stories that I never heard of before I read it.
The stories live up to the ol’ saying that truth is stranger than fiction.