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Fairy Magic by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

All about fairies and how to bring their magic into your life

This is a small size book about 5 1/4″ X 5 1/4″
The type print is good
there’s a few lovely tiny sketches scattered throughout
I read the entire book in just a few hours.

The front cover blurb is misleading because this book isn’t ‘all about fairies’, it’s about devas, pan and other beings as well.

I’m happy to report there’s no unworldly incantations and no conjuring to enslave a fairy or even control them to do your bidding. It’s mostly meditation and/or asking fairies to help with your endeavors.

Ms. Guiley refers to her experiences, but unfortunately only in a vague sense with no actual testimony of the results of her personally utilizing the fairy’s magic. A couple of the examples she mentions about positive outcomes are the Findhorn Community in Northern Scotland which grew huge produce and if you keep your house-fairy happy it’ll help keep things from being messy.

Ms. Guiley tells of the mischievous aspects of the fairies and how to expel the negative ones from your home. She drifts a little into the paranormal about it and sort of mixes the two genres.

One part of the book gave me a chuckle, was the chapter on ‘Automatic drawing’. She tells how to do it and how it creates a powerful link with the fairy realm, and yet there wasn’t a picture or a drawing to show what it’s aesthetics may look like.

I bought this book to get an idea of what folks meant when they spoke of using fairy magic or working with fairies. I suppose it’s an okay book. It’s just a bit too new agey for me.