In 1932, Two miners, Cecil Main and Frank Carr, found a tiny mummy in a sealed cavern in the Pedro Mountains.

about 6 ½ inches tall in a seated position,
about 14 inches tall if it was standing position
resembles an old man
brown, wrinkled skin
low flat forehead & flat nose,
heavy-lidded eyes and a wide mouth with thin lips
the top of its head was covered in a still pliable jelly-like substance

Pedro disappeared many years ago and only his pictures remain.

The website WYOMING LEGENDS Little People & the Pedro Mountain Mummy’ article has pictures of Pedro, one is of his xray.

read full article & see pictures:
*’WYOMING LEGENDS Little People & the Pedro Mountain Mummy’

further reference: wiki link–> Pedro Mountains Mummy


The book, ‘The President’s Vampire’ By Robert Damon Schneck – strange but true tales of the United States Of America’
tells of a family that has a female mummy that was said to have been found in the same regional area as Pedro and the same tiny size. A ‘Dr. Gill’ tested the female mummy and he thought it to be a baby with suffering from anencephaly.

Although, to me, the way it read, there seems to be some question as to the final diagnosis.

I’ve personally come to think Pedro may have been an infant that suffered from anencephaly …
however… there is a few aspects of his find and his condition that give me ’cause for pause’ too. I think it’s an interesting mystery.