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Strange Highways by Jerry D. Coleman

Exploring the Darker Side of America… Strange Highways: A guidebook to American mysteries & The Unexplained

font type is bad – too small & there was something squirrely about it

comprehension level is moderate to confusing

has quite a few black & white photos scattered through it

This book was a real disappointment to me.  There was something about the manner and style of the content that didn’t set right with me.

I will concede that I’m probably not the best person to make a review on this book. I’m not particularly interested in the cryptid field of phantoms and beasties, I only bought the book because the stories are mostly based in the southern USA and I thought it was supposed to tell of wee nature folk encounters.

Mr. Coleman told of one momentary gnome sighting that he & his sister had when they were children.
I managed to read a good portion of this book. If there was more wee nature folk tales I totally missed them. I had a hard time reading that awful font style and I mainly lost interest in trying to wade through the big foot, phantom and strange beast encounters and his odd narratives and commentaries… well, I thought some of them were odd…

I have to wonder, if monstrous beasties and phantoms are sooo prevalent in our woodlands then why in the world doesn’t he set himself up a camp site and stay out there until he brings one of them bad-boys home…
Not doing extensive research for longer than a day or a week is one of the parts about ‘most all’ of the so-called experts in the preternatural fields that drives-me-nuts…

Anyway…  to be fair…
Strange Highways by Jerry D. Coleman is probably a really a good book to anyone who’s interested in the cryptid/phantom field.
For better more thorough reviews here’s a link to the book listed on Amazon.com.  It has a many reviews by folks who go in depth with their comments about the aspects and stories.
Almost all the reviewers thought it was a really good book:
Strange Highways by Jerry D. Coleman