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John Quint has released an ebook revised edition of his book, “Once Upon A Time, In Arkansas”
Here’s a link to the Kindle version:
Once Upon A Time, In Arkansas…: Tales of Encounters with the Little People in Arkansas and Neighboring regions Kindle Edition by John Quint

I’m so happy to get Mr. Quint revised version. It was nice to revisit the original tales and read new ones.
Thanks so much Mr. Quint 🙂


Once Upon A Time In Arkansas… Tales of encounters with the little people in Arkansas and neighboring regions by John K. Quint

A delightful collection of tales of encounters with little people and nature folks as recent as the last 100 years in the Arkansas and surrounding region.  It also briefly covers some encounters of wildmen and also the chupacobra.

The font type is easy to read
comprehension level is average
It has a few picture illustrations
page count: 80
out of print – limited availability

(I bought my copy used and it had been signed by Mr. Quint. I think that’s Cool!)

What I liked about this book was:

1: Mr. Quint’s personal story into his many years of research is much like I believe most folks would be, a curious happenstance that sends him off in search of a mystery.

2: It has very few repetitive info/stories from familiar sources that I have read before.

3: It’s not the normal cliche’ about messages from the little people telling us humans to clean up our act.

4: It’s written in a comfortable style of folks sitting around telling stories.

5: It includes general knowledge of the areas along with the telling of the stories.

6: The chapter index in the back of the book has a plethora of listings where Mr. Quint researched his info.

What I didn’t like about this book was:

1: It wasn’t long enough, it made hungry for more stories… 😉

This is a small book but it’s chock full of stories from over a century of regular folks encountering curious mysteries of beings that may or may not be biological or even of this earth.

I really like this book. It’s an enjoyable read of down-home style legends and lores of the little people and a few other mysterious beings.
Update: 6-16-2016

Mr. Quint did a video interview back in August of 2015. It’s interesting to here him talk about the stories of the little people.
He gives an email address if you would like to reach him or have stories of your own encounters with little people.

*I’m not associated nor affiliated with Mr. Quint. I’m just an admirer of his work.

Book info that used to be posted at amapedia by amazon.com:

Once upon a time, in Arkansas–: Tales of encounters with the little people in Arkansas and neighboring regions

In the summer of 1977, while helping a friend work on a pond near Hattieville, Arkansas, author John Quint found something that changed his concept of reality forever. In the fresh mud of the pond was a tiny human footprint, no bigger than an infants. His friend, an old timer who was raised in the Ozarks, told him it was just the Little People coming to get a drink of water.

Thinking he was the victim of a prank, John started asking around to see if anyone else had found anything unusual. To his surprise, most of the people he talked to had!

This was the beginning of search that has lasted over a quarter of a century. Drawing upon old legends, folklore, and personal experience, Once Upon A Time, In Arkansas…. is a record of a hidden history of  Arkansas.

Every culture that has lived here has had its tales of the Little People. They come in all sizes, from  tiny diminutive fairies to hairy giants. They live in deep woods, under houses, on mountaintops. They generally keep to themselves, but have been known to help children and lost travelers.

This book is not a scholarly study of Arkansas folklore. It is simply a collection of tales of encounters with the Little People, and related phenomena, in Arkansas. Some are old legends, and some are very personal…

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